The Tractor Mod is another excellent download released by Pathoschild that fulfills its exact purpose. Speaking of making the game better, it turns out you can also do that for yourself. If a player forgets to collect the items, they can be found in the lost and found box in the Mayor's Manor. When the festival ends, the player will be returned to The Farm at 10pm. Despite adding new events, expanded dialogue, new characters, and areas, the mod stays true to the source material. Say goodbye to manual labor. The catch is that it's not free and costs 50,000g but hey, it's better than a cheat mod. The player must have seen the Part 1 event, and must still be married to Sophia. So thats all, folks! Everyone should try it out!#stardewvalleyexpanded ---------------------------------------------- Timestamps ------------------------------------------00:00 - Intro00:09 - 1/2 Heart Event01:35 - 2 Heart Event05:09 - 4 Heart Event06:55 - 6 Heart Event11:10 - 7 Heart Event18:08 - 8 Heart Event22:44 - 10 Heart Event26:44 - Ending----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regarding the Stardew Valley Expanded cutscene with Maru, I only had two questions. We see Sophia's 2-Heart Event in this video. The said machines will then automatically process all the raw materials in the chest provided they can. ", To Dusty: "Who's a good boy!? She is a marriage candidate that's incredibly shy and into nerdy activities, like reading manga and cosplaying. Sophia lives and works at the Blue Moon Vineyard. Completing this bundle will get the bridge in the hills repaired. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. Expanded Joja storyline which allows you to explore Pelican Towns fate if you side with Joja. This video will cover all of her events with no commentary. This is a community to discuss Stardew Valley Expanded, an expansive mod by FlashShifter for ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley. When updating manually, you can copy and paste the file from the older folder into the new one. -Stardew Valley Expanded- Date uploaded 16 Dec 2022, 10:28PM File size 359.7MB Unique DLs 267.6k Total DLs 379.1k Version 1.14.18 PC Install Guide Mobile is currently incompatible until SMAPI and frameworks are updated for Stardew Valley 1.5 Mod manager download Manual download Preview file contents Grandpa's Farm Date uploaded 24 Sep 2022, 9:12PM So you will first need to download and install the following mods: Download, unzip, and put all the mods in the games Mods folder (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods), and then follow these steps: Thats all! Summary Maddie comes off as very serious and easily irritated. I worked hard to make these! Maybe the Fern Islands? Edit: Question answered, I had out of date mods. ", "Gus has been a friend of my family ever since I was little.$0#$b#I like it when he comes to visit. There's probably more. You can get 20% off on all the purchasable seeds in this festival. That's bad news for iintrovertedroleplayers. Void Pebble, which can be obtained from the void eel pond, the corrupt serpent, and the corrupt mummy monsters for 800g. Now, if players want an even bigger fan-made expansion for Stardew Valley that's not just a secret forest within a forest, then the mod Stardew Valley Expanded is one of the biggest additions in the game that will surely add a dizzying number of hours to the playtime. Iridium sprinklers removed from her ledger. The soup-tasting begins by talking to Mayor Lewis. It's an amazing mod for Stardew Valley players to sink their teeth into,. Here is everything that this mod adds to the vanilla game: Read on to find out more in detail about all the content that Stardew Valley Expanded adds. We have a guide for these bundles that can be found here. Custom forage locations all over the world in each map. In this one-stop guide, we will share all the mods features, its requirements, configurations, and installation guidelines so you can enjoy this mod without any problems. Stardew Valley's Witch is one of the most mysterious elements in the farming simulator, with deep-running connections throughout it. It's okay. Avoiding spoilers, I went to where the wiki says you can trigger part 1 of her 7 heart event but nothing happened. Radioactive Bass, obtained from The Sewers all day. Something like NPC Map Locations by Bouhm can save players some time and brain energy wondering where a specific NPC went. She has more content and hours to play now! This is a community to discuss Stardew Valley Expanded, an expansive mod by FlashShifter for ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley. Without any further ado, lets dive right in! Sophia's 4 Heart Events does not Trigger for me at all. Stardew Valley is an incredibly enchanting game that attracts you into its world by letting you complete immersive quests, meeting interesting characters, and living the farm life. The Emerald Farm is a new farm in Stardew Valley which is also home to the new NPC Susan. Sum/Fall/Win, Wednesday 10th, Visits Susan, Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture, Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World. You can buy these from Sophia at her ledger . For this bundle, you simply need to pay gold; there is no having to grow crops or forage for items. On any given day, gifting a normal quality loved item always gives more points than gifting an iridium quality liked item to a given villager. You can meet Sophia and the other characters by checking out the Stardew Valley Expanded mod today! So spooky! The player enters the festival by entering Pelican Town between 10pm and 11:50pm. A Complete Guide to the Community Center Route, How to Upgrade and Renovate Your Farmhouse. Maddie works at the Water Research Facility & Laboratory. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley Expansion mod. Sadly, the people of Stardew Valley are clingier and moodier than others because the friendship meter has a decay rate. After donating a certain amount of items, the other bundles will appear at different locations around the Community Center. ", "Do you want to live in Stardew Valley for the rest of your life, [Farmer]? Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. This is my most favorite thing in the whole world. So far it's going well. Growing crops yields high profits in Stardew Valley, but plenty of other ventures can earn farmers money as well. The Stardew Valley Expanded mod by FlashShifter squeezes in 26 new locations, 160 new character events, 21 new NPCs, a new village, a new world map, and many other additions. In a cast of about 30, we already have one with PTSD, one with ADHD and two with depression (I might have missed some, I haven't gotten everybody to full hearts before). When you're not tending to your farm, your barn, or to your in-game spouse, Stardew Valley lets you do some exploring. Swirl Stone, which can be obtained from Foraging in Crimson Badlands for 7,500g. Says goodbye to Scarlett inside the vineyard. It's a custom area added to the game that poses all kinds of late-game dangers and rewards. 5. Clownfish, obtained from Ginger Island during the daytime. There's also an Ice Fishing Contest the player can take part in along with Pam, Willy, and Elliott. On the day of the festival, a pop-up on left-hand side of the screen will let the player know when the festival has begun. Mods. Stardew Valley is an amazing game in its own right but these mods can make your adventure even better. #2. xAlphaStarOmegax Jan 23, 2021 @ 9:05am. Oh! #1. nodehappy Jan 23, 2021 @ 8:33am. 1.13.9: Lewis now judge's Sophia's grange display at the Stardew Valley Fair. here are two events, the short one will tell you what to do to trigger the long one.) It's a bit tough managing it from here, but I don't mind. Stardew Valley is amazing and the Stardew Valley Expanded mod really adds a ton to the game! Completing this bundle will activate the minecarts around town, letting you fast-travel to a certain extent. These festivals add cosmetic changes to the game and also have some exciting secrets hidden, waiting to be discovered. A week beforehand, on the 18th, Mayor Lewis will send a letter telling the player who their gift recipient is. Farm Type Manager by EscaMMC is not just a mod, but a mod you can use to create your own custom mods as well. Mayor Lewis will send the player a letter in advance of each festival, describing when and where it will take place. She is very practical and seems to hate others' company. Your grandpa would be, too. I wonder what I should cosplay as next year. A ghost at the beach! ", "I can't decide what material to use for my cosplay outfit Hmm. The characters of Stardew Valley are pretty fleshed out, and players can initiate a romance with one of the many characters in this title if they wish. The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies takes place on the 28th of every Summer. Beginner Guide: What to do in Your First Week, Day by Day . This is how to marry Sophia in Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley Expanded is an impressive mod. There are a ton of content packs that players can download for Stardew Valley. The exception to this rule is the Night Market, where homes and shops are open, and time continues to pass during the festival. Thanks in advance! The Stardew Valley Expanded mod expands on all of those moments to offer you more content to enjoy. The player character's relationship with the NPCs is represented by a heart meter. The amazing characters and brilliant sim elements of this title place it a level above certain other titles with bigger budgets and development teams, proving once and for all that it's not about the amount of money pumped into a video game's development but the sheer amount of love that can be seen in each and every aspect of the title. I was hungry. 5 Easy-to-Follow Steps, The 14 Most Downloaded Bigger House Mods in Stardew Valley for a Better Gaming Experience, Stardew Valley Time Mod: The Top 22 Picks for You. Stardew Valley Expanded, or SVE, is a fan-made Game Mod made by FlashShifter, first published in 2019, that acts as an unofficial expansion pack for Stardew Valley. The player enters the dance by entering Cindersap Forest between 9am and 2pm. ", "Fall will be hectic as usual for me! In a multiplayer game, every player who is present needs to enter the festival area to proceed (except for the Night Market). (Planting the strawberry seeds on or before Spring 16, will allow the player to harvest Strawberries two times before Summer). Tempered Galaxy Hammer, which can be bought from Isaac for 400,000g. When the Luau ends, they will be returned to The Farm at 10pm. If they choose to attend a festival (other than the Night Market), upon leaving they will be returned to The Farm late at night. Sophia has over 150 lines of ordinary dialogue and over 80 lines of marriage dialogue. Stardew Valley Expanded - Sophia NPC: The value '?? Learn about the most profitable crops for each season to make the most profit. Note: This guide is for the standard bundles, not the remixed ones offered by a new setting when you create a new file. When she moves in with you after getting married, she will keep her job at the Vineyard and basically keep the same schedule, having Winters totally off now. The Farm Cave: Should You Choose Mushrooms Or Bats? (Using the EventLookup mod to access this list of available events) 81. This event can only take place in year 1. This map expands the vanilla farm maps and requires you to have a steel axe and steel pickaxe to access different spots on this map. The player enters the fair by entering Pelican Town between 9am and 3pm. Either dialogue choice is neutral, but Jas will send the player a letter in the mail the following day, and friendship with both Marnie and Jas will increase by +50 friendship points. Every completed bundle will lead to rewards, and finishing a room will unlock something new for the rest of your game. There is one dialogue choice, with both choices affecting friendship points.1) The first dialogue option will give the player +50 friendship points with Sophia, but:2) The second dialogue option will subtract -50 friendship points!Choose accordingly :)Also shown is both options for Jas' 1-Heart Event. How to Beat Treasure Hand in Persona 3 Weaknesses and Download Terraria v1. Mod Apk (Free Crafting), Puppyfish Can be caught by the water under Shearwater Bridge, Fairy Stone Found in Frozen and Omni Geodes. In the game, the bachelors and bachelorettes have their own likes and dislikes, but there are some specific items that all of them will be happy to receive. If you haven't played Stardew Valley before, you are encouraged to play it in its original form as intended by the developer. Susan, Andy, and Lance have heart events with permanent effects too. ", "I'll be at the saloon tomorrow night. Items displayed in the Grange Display are returned, but not automatically. Maybe I'll ask Emily, she's good at this stuff!". These are Sophias other loved items: Sophia hates most beers, fish products, and anything slimy. These buildings remain locked all day, even if the player does not attend the festival. You can run into Sophia and purchase quality sprinklers, Blue Moon wine, and aged Blue Moon wine from the cosplay room. This location also has some really cool bone artifacts, an iridium quarry where you can mine, and two new and unique kinds of fish. But in 2023, Stardew Valley is ready to go into hibernation.The last major expansion is out, now for all platforms after a delay in its mobile rollout. The festival ends automatically after watching the jellyfish. The Crafts Room is one of the easiest bundles to complete as it relies on you turning in easy-to-forage items. However, the mod requires several other mods to function properly. The player must have seen Sophia's 8 heart event. The mod displays all the locations of NPCs and even farmers on the map page and the minimap. Um well, I'll see you around, I guess. To complete the bundle, donate five of the multiple items below to complete this bundle; you can mix and match for completion. The aim of the mod is basically to give you the same exciting feeling you had when you first started playing this game. This can be anything from crop harvest time to a person's favorite gifts. Much like its original developer, Stardew Valley'smodding community is highly active and always ready to make the place a lovelier haven for urban-worn yuppies. However, there's a mod by Pathoschild that players need to download before that. S-sorry! Beginner Guide: What to do in Your First Week, Day by Day . It looks like that was it. The Adventurer's Guild is one of the many fun distractions that players can occupy themselves with in Stardew Valley. So what's in your grange display? I was thinking maybe we'd move somewhere else later. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. SMAPI is quite valuable in this regard, allowing modders to go crazy without worrying about any permanent ramifications to their game. Today, we will learn all about the best Stardew Valley expansion mod, Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). Stardew Valley gives you the chance to renovate Pelican Town's Community Center, and here's how to go about doing this. But not too much of it. Created by modder FlashShifter, this an excellent expansion on the original developer ConcernedApes work. ", "Blue Moon Vineyard is doing well. With a gigantic sword, and a flowy red cape! It's a perfect mod to . Simply leave the house before 8:20 am on any day but Sunday and have 5,000g in your pocket. Hello. "Ooo! For help with producing artisan goods, check out this guide. Gotta set up the grape trellises! Stardew Valley Expanded remains true to the lore. This is where the Better Crafting mod comes into the picture, with this mod adding an entirely new UI along with several other quality-of-life improvements to make crafting a blast once again. Strange. Void Shard, which can be obtained from the Apophis monster and void eel pond for 10,000g. You can place Crab Pots in freshwater or saltwater. He will ask you to investigate what he believes to be a rat problem in the old building. The Stardew Valley Expanded mod not only makes changes to the vanilla characters, but also adds several new marriageable, non-marriageable, and non-giftable NPCs. When they leave the festival, they will be returned to The Farm at 10pm. True to its name, the CJB Cheats Menu adds an option for players to cheat to their heart's content in Stardew Valley. When it comes to Sophia, she enjoys all of these . But thanks to the awesome modding community of Stardew, more specifically, the modder FlashSighter, we can now have more characters, locations, and content in Stardew. Most of these can triggered just by entering the Vineyard, Town or Sophias room in the Vineyard. A revamped world map which changes with the seasons. The player and some other villagers search for small colored eggs hidden around Pelican Town. 1.10.11: Added configuration option to change her portraits to look older. Jess has been writing for clients all around the world for years. Only cut scenes I believe. SensitiveAuthor3905 4 days ago. The maze has few dead ends and progresses in a nearly linear fashion. Completing this bundle will allow you to use the Greenhouse on your farm. Lenny lived a wild youthful life in her teens, in total contrast to her brother. This farm features Grandpas Shed, Greenhouse, Forgeable Areas, Bat/Mushroom Cave, Quarry, Forest Clearing, Waterfall Pond, new fish, artifacts spots, and an opening event. This is where the CJB Item Spawner comes into the picture. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . Upon giving a gift, the recipient will give a response and player's gift-receiving cutscene occurs, where they will find out who is giving them a gift at the festival. You can find basically all the residents of the game in this festival, which proves to be the opportunity to meet everyone, create a good bond with them, and give them gifts. also there are TWO farm types especially for SVE, Gramdpa's Farm and Immersive farm 2. RELATED: Stardew Valley: Ways To Maximize Winter. This article is part of a directory: Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide and Walkthrough. You will eventually run into its rundown community center when you move to Pelican Town. ", "I went to a comic con last season in Zuzu City, [Famer]. In terms of how easy he's to romance, Shane works at Joja Mart initially, so catching him early in the morning or later in. When not working at the vineyard, Sophia spends her time enjoying anime, manga, and cosplay. This is also where you can find the new NPC, Lance. ", "You know, I feel like my parents would be proud of me if they saw my life now. Before starting work, she usually wakes up around 7:30 to have breakfast. Don't dare venture it early on, focus on farming first. She showed up at our house bright and early to get ready for the festival with me. The player must have at least one free inventory slot. It's a good date spot. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. But I understand Grampleton is far away", "I'm planning my next cosplay. If you have already explored all the vanilla content in Stardew Valley and are looking for more lore-friendly content, SVE offers more than what you are looking for. Good luck today, silly! Going through their friendship events will reveal why: Gus was good friends with Sophia's parents and has known her since she was a child. This is one of my favorite things. MORE: Stardew Valley: The Best Items You Get As Rewards From Gunther (& Other Items He Should've Kept). He finds respite in the sweet embrace of mass media escapism after having risked his life too many times as a journalist covering warzones and depressed areas. Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) is the biggest expansion mod for Stardew Valley that brings tons of new content to the vanilla game. To get the Greenhouse repaired, you need to complete all of the bundles for the Pantry in the Community Center ruins. The Bigger Backpack mod by spacechase0 lets you indulge your hoarder mentality. It expands the farm size and adds many features of various default Stardew Valley farms. There is a booth set up where the player can purchase a decorative Lawn Flamingo, Plush Bunny, Seasonal Plants, and Strawberry Seeds. A fairy stone! The player must have seen Sophia's 2 heart event. Once installed, players will just need to press a single button to get access to all the items they could possibly need. There is one dialogue choice, with both. From new NPCs, locations, events, and maps to questlines, music, crops, and more, there is a lot to explore. . Has a wild past and is now the acting village supervisor of Ridgeside Village. If it is raining, she will stay home instead of following her usual schedule. You can find these artifacts by digging into the ground. This is one's a helpful little script mod by Pathoschild where players can merely place a chest full of raw materials next to a furnace or other machines. When you run the game with the SVE mod installed for the first time, there will be a configuration file in the [CP] Immersive Farm 2, [CP] Stardew Valley Expanded, and [CP] Grandpas Farm folders. Take a look at the best they have to offer, free of charge, unlike Joja Corporation's offerings. When you get to 8 hearts with her, you can enter into a romantic relationship, which will unlock 2 more hearts. Brought up on mascot platformers and role-playing games from Japan, Ryan has been passionate about gaming for over two decades. chevron_right. At the festival, talking to their gift recipient will pop up their inventory to decide gift to give. Visits to the hospital to pick up her medication. The Luau ends automatically after the Governor tastes the soup. This location is accessible once you finish the Marlons Boat quest. The player must have seen part 1 of Sophia's 7-heart event. Crab Pot fish can appear in any season. I'm so upset. Below is a detailed overview of these characters: In addition to adding these new characters, the mod also makes major changes to the following characters to make them more interesting : The Stardew Valley Expanded mod adds many new locations to the game and also makes changes to the old ones. She is very shy and mostly keeps to herself. It's a perfect mod to have once players have exhausted the standard map for the game, with the wealth of changes doing a great job of making the game feel fresh and engaging once again. Sophia's 2x boost is only for the duration of the marriage. Basic Schedule Monday & Thursday 1:20 pm - Goes to Town Square 4 pm - At Pond Near Jojamart 6 pm - In Her Backyard 7 pm - Back in Her Room Tuesday 10:20 am - Goes to Pierre's Shop 4 pm - Returns Home Wednesday 12 pm - In Her Cellar 4 pm - Back Upstairs Friday 1 pm - In Cellar 4:30 pm - Goes to Saloon 9:30 pm - Returns Home Saturday This pretty much sums up our detailed guide on Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). I'm the owner of Blue Moon Vineyard. The player must have seen Sophia's 4-heart event. Updated on February 28, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra: Stardew Valley is one of the most inspiring successes in the indie gaming scene, with this title shooting to impressive heights of popularity in record time. Harvest Moon Vs. Stardew Valley: Which Is Better? Games. The first win earns the player two tackles, 1 Magnet bait, and a Sailor's Cap. The charts below contain each fish required to complete the bundle, along with what season they will appear in. The festival ends after the dance is performed. ", "Do you smell the pollen and nectar in the air!? Butterfish, obtained from the Shearwater Bridge (Spring, Summer, Fall) and Forest West (Summer) during the daytime in sunny weather. Some festivals can have special effects on friendship, such as increasing friendship with every known villager, or increased friendship for gifting. Dressing up was so much fun! Try updating your mods - you have quite a few important ones are older versions, including SVE. It updates the base game, introducing new areas and characters. Published Jun 3, 2021 The Stardew Valley Expanded mod builds upon the game ConcernedApe created with hundreds of new locations, NPCs, quests, and secrets to explore. Due to my poor farming skills, my wife decided to play Stardew Valley to show me how it's done. There are several items that players can take to enhance their enjoyment of Stardew Valley. This article is part of a directory: Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide and Walkthrough. Stardew Valley Dorado: Fish Pond, Uses, and More, How To Install Stardew Valley Expanded? Minnow, obtained from multiple locations in Pelican Town and Adventurer Summit, all day until 6 pm. The maze is located to the north of Pierre's festive shop. You are! Predictably, this bundle requires that you take up fishing. If you forget to update this file, your saves will be changed permanently after a complete in-game day has passed and the game auto-saves. The featured attraction of the Egg Festival is the Egg Hunt. Talking to Sophia on Winter 18 will further reveal that he serves it as the Saloon's 'Dish of the Day' on Winter 19. bothell police shooting today, biggest drug bust in new orleans,